Top case procedures involve removing an engine off-wing and carrying out the necessary repairs at our engine facility instead of sending the equipment back to the original manufacturer. This is a much more cost-effective maintenance option that will save the operator – you – many thousands of pounds in downtime and logistics fees.

GT Engine Services carries out top case repairs on CFM56 series, GE90 series, CF6 series and CF34 series engines. This service involves identifying and fixing damaged high-pressure compressor (HPC) blades that could not have been repaired in situ; our engineers will also carry out J-hook rectifications and inner and outer VSV bush replacements, amongst other SB or related requirements. Once the necessary top case and bottom case repairs have been completed, the engine will be put through a series of tests to ensure its airworthiness before it’s signed off ready for service.

Our top and bottom case repairs are FAA and EASA approved for added peace of mind.

"We have been using GT Engine Services now for 3 years, and have never been let down by their service."

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