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We’re here to ensure your engines remain operational, regardless of the challenges you’re facing.

Our experienced near-wing repair technicians provide unrivalled 24/7 AOG support to our customers. They are on hand to deliver flexible, fully integrated engine repair services, whenever and wherever they are needed – and they are instrumental in helping airlines and operators avoid flight delays, minimise schedule interruptions and, ultimately, keep their businesses moving.

Our near wing support division may be a well-oiled machine – but it’s one that’s heavily focused on delivering a stellar customer experience. Our in-house team are always on hand to answer queries and handle problems, and are committed to achieving the shortest repair times possible. At your request, they will also arrange to provide the tooling, materials and consumables needed for the repairs.

300 customers currently trust GT Engine Services with their near wing repair and maintenance requirements, and we carry out approximately 2,000 rapid repair solutions per year. Call us today to discover why we’re fast becoming the AOG partner of choice in Northern Europe and beyond.

Aircraft Engine being fixed on runway

"From start to finish their clear communication and attention to detail, lets them stand out"

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