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Aircraft engines are designed to be used constantly. If they are out of operation for any length of time, a proper maintenance plan needs to be set in place to ensure they are kept in accordance with EASA and FAA 145 regulations.


GT Engine Services will preserve your jet engine in preparation for a longer period of inactivity. We’ll take steps to ensure external factors such as heat, sunlight, corrosion, condensation and residue formation do not affect the engine while it’s in storage.


All jet engine preservation and anti-corrosion procedures are carried out in-house at our workshop in Stansted, UK. Our engine preservation processes are much more eco-friendly than most thanks to our effective extraction system, which captures excess engine oil vapour and releases only clean air into the environment.


Preservation for long or short-term storage will be carried out in accordance with the recommendations set by the relevant aircraft maintenance manual and relevant procedures in the engine shop manual.

We also offer jet engine storage services.

Preserving an aircraft engine

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