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Expertise in the time frame you need

We’re a unique type of jet engine repair service. We’re small in size, so we’ll deal with your query directly, but with the quality of service you’d expect from a much larger organisation.

We deliver expert aircraft engine services in the time frame you need, at a competitive price.

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Specialist solutions

We specialise in repair and maintenance of the following engines:

CFM-56, CF34, CF6, PW4000, V2500, RB211, Trent 700

Offering an outstanding, focused service. We have the approvals many services such as top case and module changes, both on and off-site. We are also expanding our capabilities to other engine types. We would like to hear about your specific engine requirements and welcome your enquiries.

Environmentally friendly

We take our responsibilities very seriously, for example our engine preservation process. Most companies will preserve engines and vent the oil vapour to the atmosphere; we have developed an extraction system that captures excess engine oil vapour, releasing only clean air into the environment.

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Our location at Stansted airport in South East England gives us good links to all major hubs in Northern Europe. Engine repairs and maintenance take place at our facility, or remotely, according to your needs.

Latest News

Friday, April 13th, 2018


We are looking for additional individuals to join our team, to assist with our strong growth. Experienced Engine Mechanics/Technicians Module Strip and Build Engineers please apply at careers@gtes.aero

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